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Welcome the the Scratch Guardian, a line of magnetic automotive covers created by Burnsville Products.   Our first product, the Truck Bed Fender Cover was released in 1999, and shortly after the ever-popular Mechanic's Fender Cover was introduced.  In 2009 we started making custom-sized covers for classic cars. Our latest products introduced in 2013 include the Hood Protector for windshield repair technicians and the Glare Guard for dashboards.

Sg full front cover

Scratch Guardian Front-End Fender Wrap

The Scratch Guardian Mechanic's Cover (right) will protect your fine vehicle from scratches and spills. You will be impressed with the fine workmanship and top-quality materials. This Mechanic's Cover is a Classic Style with Customization.  Order one today in our store for just $49.95.

Removable dashboard glare guard

The team at Scratch Guardian headquarters has come up with another product for all you car buffs that are serious about protecting the paint on your prized vehicles.  It's called the Scratch Guardian Front-End Wrap which is a set of three fender covers that work together to help prevent scratches and make spills easy to clean up. The Scratch Guardian Front-End Wrap will fit most mid or full-sized vehicles.  It is shown here on a classic 1965 Mustang and it fits perfectly. 
Photo 4

Classic style mechanic's cover, customized

The Dashboard Glare Guard (left) is a removable dashboard cover custom sized to fit your classic car. It not only looks great, it works great.  No more blinding glare when driving or parked, plus it never moves an inch once it is laid in place on the dash.  
Introducing the Scratch Guardian Hood Protector (right) for windshield glass repair technicians.  Protect the hood and fenders from scratches and paint chips with our Scratch Guardian which comes in 3 sizes:  6'x2', 7'x2', or 8'x2' and two colors: black or tan. Can also be customized with your business name.  
Untitled 1

Scratch Guardian Hood Protector

Custom scratchguardian for buick 2

Scratch Guardian Truck Bed Fender Covers are the best truck accessory to protect your truck while it is still in use.  Most scratches occur just from reaching over the side to load and unload.  With the Scratch Guardian Truck Bed Fender Cover, you can keep your truck looking great and advertise too.

Do you have a classic, project car that is your pride and joy?   Pictured (left) is a classic 1931 Buick that needed a custom-sized Scratch Guardian fender cover to protect it while it was being rebuilt.   If you need a custom cover, we can sew a set for you at a very reasonable price.
You may have seen this commercial on TV.   Our Scratch Guardians Truck Bed Covers will protect your vehicle from scratches while working on it, out of it, or around it.  Great for contractors, the Scratch Guardian keeps your truck looking new and you can advertise your trade too.   Buy 2 truck bed covers and get a free mechanic's cover.

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