HP210 Hood Protector


Scratch Guardian Hood Protectors are perfect for auto glass repair technicians.

HP206 Wide Hood Protector


Wide Hood Protector provides a larger area of protection and the tan vinyl stays cooler when working in the sun

Introducing the Scratch Guardian Hood Protector for windshield auto glass repair technicians.  Protect the hood and fenders from scratches and paint chips with our Scratch Guardian Hood Protector.  Each protective cover includes heavy-duty, industrial magnets to keep it in place even in windy conditions.   Of course, the magnets are sewn inside vinyl pockets within the cover to protect your customer's vehicle from scratches.  You will save time and look more professional by using the Scratch Guardian.   

Available two colors - black or tan.  Car glass technicians have reported that the tan color stays cooler when working in the sun.  You can add customization with your company name or vectorized logo.

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